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Sinkhole Repair

big hole in the yard

No matter how much you try to prevent them, sinkholes can appear out of nowhere and can cause major problems if they are not taken care of immediately. The longer you delay have them attended to, the worse things will get which in turn means that it will be much more difficult to fix. Fortunately here at Boca Raton Foundation Repair, we have several repair techniques to handle any sort of sinkhole you might have. By the time we are done, it will be as if the problem never existed. To find out more, why not give us a call today.

How They Happen

The fact that these little headaches seem to appear overnight definitely has nothing to do with magic.  Rather it is a result of time, water, and erosion. Combining these three elements could prove disastrous. The water will eat away at the rock beneath the surface over time. Once the top layer is unable to support itself, it will cave in. It is highly unlikely you will notice this erosion which is why these holes are so dangerous. All you have to know is the moment you find yourself dealing with a sinkhole, just give us a call.

Goals Of Repair

Many people do realize this, but there are a couple of nonnegotiable expectations when it comes to sinkhole repair. No matter the size, no matter the location. The goals we are trying to achieve when we attend to your sinkhole are as follows. Firstly we want to stabilize the area. Both the hole itself as well as the surrounding area.  Next, we want to do such a good job that the hole does not reappear. If we can achieve these two aspects, we are well on our way to providing you with the high-quality solution you deserve.

Don’t Take Chances

We have seen many disasters in our time that have been caused by sinkholes. The sad fact remains however that had the client taken care of the problem sooner rather than later, they would not find themselves in the position they do now. The longer you take to fix a sinkhole, the more time it has to deteriorate. This means that when you do eventually decide to do something about it, it is going to be much trickier, take longer, and cost you so much more. Rather than taking any chances, just give us a call the moment you have any problems.

Quality Counts

Now we are sure you are well aware of how quickly these issues can reappear if one does not take care of them properly. 7O% of the jobs we get called out on are re-fixes. The biggest reason for this is the fact that people are making use of sub-standard materials, solutions, and repair methods cause they are trying to save a quick buck. This is not what you want to do, and we promise you will just be calling us again. So rather than wasting time and money, just call us for real quality solutions.

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