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Seawall Repair

seawall near the ocean

Seawalls play a vital role when it comes to the protection of coastal areas. They are designed to handle all the stresses and strain associated with forces of the sea, but will from time to time show signs of distress. Should this be the case, one must be able to make the relevant repairs when needed. This however should never be attempted by anyone other than a group of highly trained professionals. People who not only know what they are doing but can provide the excellent solutions you deserve. We are those people.

Regular Inspection

Now we most certainly do not want you calling us out for every little problem, so to avoid this we have developed an inspection service so that we are able to identify and address any problems you might be having. Our experts will go over every inch of the seawall to try and identify any potential issues. Should they find any, they will propose a set of solutions to remedy the problem. This is by far the most efficient way to identify any problems, and we guarantee any problems you might be having will be taken care of in no time.


When one starts to think about the constant abuse a seawall takes it becomes clear why they need to be as tough as they are. The biggest culprits are the tides and currents. The constant pulling and pushing of the water will eventually wear down even the toughest of seawalls. One also needs to take into account the damage which can be caused when dredging or water lock systems are installed. Fortunately no matter the cause of the damage, you can rest assured knowing that we have what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Repair Methods Include

To ensure that we can deal with any sort of damage that may have been inflicted on your seawall, we have designed many solutions. These include but are not limited to replacing parts of the wall. Filling the cracks with resin. Replacing any eroded soil and in serious cases, replacing entire sections of the seawall. No matter the type of damage, or where it takes place, all you need to know is that we have the method to get it fixed. So give us a call today and see what we can bring to the table.

From A To Z

The one thing we have noticed is that not all our competitors can offer the holistic set of solutions that we are. We designed our seawall service to tackle any project you might have for us, and we guarantee that by the time we are done, you will have one of the best solutions in the state at your disposal. From planning to execution and everything in between. Here at Boca Raton Foundation Repair, we are the only name you will ever have to remember when it comes to seawall solutions. Put us to the test by giving us a call today.

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